Relic and artifact retrieval and containment


[R][E][L][I][C][S] is a RP plot that is open to those who are interested on the Crystal datacenter.

Membership to the FC is encouraged but not required. Discord is required. Communication is done through Discord (primarily) and an in game crossworld linkshell.

What are we looking for? The researchers, the protectors, the experiments, the individuals who just can't stop wondering about what lies beyond the horizon.

We are lore flexible within reason. Androids, cyborgs, experiments, Allagans, clones, constructs, non-playable-races, etc, are welcomed here! Other-worlders are generally welcome as long as they can be reasonably represented within the game world.

The FFXIV lore canonically encompasses many different character types and topics. We wish to fully embrace all aspects of lore, and consider all potential character traits and paths!

Long-term plots || Dark || Lovecraftian || SCP || Warehouse 13-like || Slice of Life || Neutral-Aligned || Fluff

There will be a combination of both intense plots and relaxing, happy plots. Not all relics will be world ending or super dangerous!

Potential Dark Themes Present
Please review this list to be sure that you are alright with these topics. This is non-conclusive, but an idea of one or more things that plots will contain.
Monsters/Horror || Blood || Mind-altering || Violence || Verbal or physical abuse.

All of the dark themes will fit within a PG-13 rating, up to R rating at very occasional places. It will be around the content levels of an adult action movie, supernatural series, or thriller series.

Will NOT contain
Sexual Themes || Violence/abuse without OOC consent


[R][E][L][I][C][S] was founded by Garlean Populares inventor and billionaire Tertius nan Celerus.
The goal of [R][E][L][I][C][S] is to search for and contain artifacts of various interest.

Dangerous or significantly harmful relics will be secured within the [R][E][L][I][C][S] vault.

Safer artifacts with interesting properties will be put up for sale by [R][E][L][I][C][S] to continue funding their operations.


Next opening: February 26, 2021 at 8PM EST
Location: The pathway between Shirogane Ward 2 plot 36 and 37 (outside)

At the end of every month, [R][E][L][I][C][S] will sell off some of their less-dangerous or handmade items. All of these items will have unique or interesting properties that you cannot get anywhere else!

Check out our Items to see what may be available (Items may be added or removed on or before the shop date)

There will be an optional OOC purchase for each relic. If you choose the OOC option, OOC gil will be used, but an OOC item will be given. Otherwise, gil and items are IC only. Buying the OOC option is never required!

The Items

A current list of items that [R][E][L][I][C][S] has obtained and have deemed sellable to the general public.

Some relics may be bought either with IC only, or IC+OOC gil. If OOC gil is provided, an item representing the relic will be given for you to RP around.

Purchasing the OOC option is never required! If the item is bought IC only you will not receive an OOC item, however.

Unlimited Quantity Relics
Mulitples of these items can be sold, duplicated in-house at the time of sale.

Hat with Feather
Price: 20,000 gil
OOC Item: High House Cloche
Description: This item gives you an accent at random when you wear it. Perhaps with training, the owner can allow it to hone in on a specific accent. The hat itself is quite fancy and does not seem to suffer from normal wear and tear.

Dance Mimicry Shoes
Price: 40,000 gil
OOC Item: Sailor Deck Shoes
Description: Have these shoes worn by someone while music is playing. The dance that the person performs while the song is playing will be 'recorded' into the shoes. Anyone else who wears the shoes will be compelled to dance the same routine while a song with a recorded 'dance' is playing. They only record one dance per song, but can record multiple songs per pair. Make sure you have the dancer performing the dance during the first time the shoes 'hear' the song. When the shoes 'hear' a song for the first time, they will record whatever the wearer is doing whether you want it to or not.

Cryptic Signboard
Price: 30,000 gil
OOC Item: Standing Signboard
Description: This signboard updates itself daily. It lists an assortment of wares and goods, not always in the Common language. The variety of goods it lists seem random, and scientists at RELICS have been unable to determine a pattern. (OOC Note: The details of -what- it lists and how your character can benefit from it is left open-ended for your plot interpretation! It could be beneficial and help divine goods, update to list what is inside a shop, just be random nonsense, etc.)

Box of Nostalgia
Price: 20,000 gil
OOC Item: Oriental Pipe Box
Description: A small box of some pale wood with dark veins, possibly olive or acacia. The top is carved with a design of grape leaves, and it has a lining of worn, slightly faded red velvet.

The box has no particularly unusual characteristics (it can hold a volume roughly equivalent to a full deck of cards), but when opened, the individual doing so will find that the interior smells familiar, almost tearfully nostalgic. Obviously not the same for every individual, to one person it might remind them of their mother's kitchen, another the sharp smell of ice on a Heavensturn morning, or the perfume of their first lover..

Guiding Stones
Price: 40,000 gil
OOC Item: Crystal Boule (x2)
Description: These are a set of stones that work together as a guiding path. You can leave one somewhere or give it to someone. When you hold the other, you can see little lights/lighted path that lead you towards the first stone.

Heartlock Box
Price: 75,000 gil
Relic creator: I'chai Ziste
OOC Item: Star Ruby Music Box
Description: It looks rather simple at first glance: a wooden box, five ilms by six, finely crafted with metal reinforcements at the joints. The sides are decorated with a brass filigree, not too opulent but enough to make it look neat and refined. While it doesn't have an obvious locking mechanism it does appear to be a lock box of some kind.

Upon opening it, however, one would become aware of a sharp spike where the locking mechanism would usually be. If one were to prick their finger on that spike, just hard enough to draw blood, and then close the box again, they would find that they are the only one who is able to open the box again.

Limited Quantity Relics
These items are only available until sold. Please note that, while exclusive at this time, we cannot guarantee that we will not find a duplicate or similar item in the future.

Book of Allagan Remedies
Price: 75,000 gil
Total Quantity on Hand: 4
Relic creator: Zeral Belid
OOC Item: Replica Allagan Grimoire of Healing
Description: A book of normal creation at first glance, if a person channels their aether into it, it will display a hologram of various options of things that need remedying, including physical issues, mental issues, and social issues, depending on the needs of the user, as well as ways to remedy these issues. This isn't a purely cure all book, but from Zeral's memories, there is VERY much of a library of knowledge.

Salamander's Eye
Price: 10,000 gil
Total Quantity on Hand: 3 (sold: 2)
OOC Item: Tiger's eye
Description: An oval piece of carnelian with the stylized image of a salamander carved onto it.

Although never more than slightly warm to the touch, if placed into a liquid, will over the course of three to five minutes, boil the aforementioned liquid and hold it at precisely the point of boiling until it is removed or the liquid is poured off. Note: it doesn't matter what the liquid -is-... whether water or alcohol or complicated alchemical compounds, it will always be brought precisely up to the temperature of boiling -for that liquid-

Sold Limited-Quantity Items
These items have sold to customers and are no longer available.

Glowing, possibly sentient, blue biomass
Price: SOLD
Total Quantity on Hand: 0
Relic creator: Titor Jaraba
OOC Item: Jellyfish Lamp
Description: Titor, the resident mad scientist alchemist, was experimenting on the remains of an Azys Lla biomass. The biomass was 'dead' when he found it, but it had a beautiful blue glow and seemed to emit no radiation, nor have any mutagenic or problematic properties to exposure. After soaking it in a variety of potions and reagents, the biomass began floating once more. It seems to follow various individuals around when inside a room. The soothing blue glow makes this...entity... creature... item... be a rather good work or study light!

Safety Anchor
Price: SOLD
Total Quantity on Hand: 0
OOC Item: Bronze Amalj'ok
Description: A small anchor made of verdigrised bronze. It has some manner of engraving about the shaft but corrosion has made it illegible. There is a black stone set into the side of it that always appears wet. If touched, the cold liquid proves to be seawater.

If carried on board a seagoing vessel, the ship cannot be capsized, no matter how rough the weather. If blown on its side, it will magically right itself immediately afterward. This does not prevent it from being sunk by other means, however, such as being driven onto a reef.


Plot Lead:
Ven Celerus (Balmung)
Ven's Carrd

Plot Co-Lead:
Clover Celerus (Balmung)
Clover's Carrd

The following discord is required to join for plot participation
--[R][E][L][I][C][S] Discord--

You may join the discord even if you are just interested/checking us out or are unable to join the FC! We are non-FC/Crossworld friendly. Come say hi!